About Us


As we walk our chosen pathway through time, we all yearn for companionship.


Resize_of_Baru_sunset_web.JPGWe search for one who has been here before and knows the way. A guide who has tasted the mysteries of life and death, who reaches out to our spirit with warmth and compassion. One who has ascended but who remains with us.

Consider the experiences and qualities of our Master, Jesus Messiah.

In choosing to enter our world of pain, He submitted Himself to conception and birth. His birth was not amongst the rich or powerful, but to a girl in an obscure village.

He shares with millions the trauma of exile, his family being forced to flee at night from the hands of a brutal dictator.

In true self-giving, our Master submitted to family life. Learning from His parents, He studied and worked for a livelihood.

Facing His night of agony and decision, our Master chose, not self-fulfillment, but the narrow road of love.

The whole cosmos witnessed the darkest days of our Master. Isolated from His soul-mates, He journeyed into the netherworld alone to conquer death on behalf of the helpless. 

Resize_of_Resize_of_Baru_dusk.JPGThis One, coming from His eternal state of infinite knowing, willingly submitted to the limitations imposed by the universe, to revive the spirits of many.

Our Master has again entered His eternal estate, but through His Word and His Spirit - He lives amongst us. As we personally submit to His authority, He resides within our being.

We experience eternal companionship with our Master and fullness of our true self. The image of our Master is being formed in us. The universe itself awaits renewal under His authority.