About Us

Victorian Baptist Chin Fellowship

Go into all the world and preach the good news (Mk16:15)

In the North West of Burma, close to the Indian boarder, lives a minority ethnic group – the Chins. There are about 2 million Chins, and about 92% are Christians. Burma has been ruled by an oppressive military regime since 1962, and hundreds of Chin – Christians – have had to flee the country seeking safety.

Mooroolbark Baptist Church is privileged to house the Victorian Chin Baptist Church, formed in March 2003. The Church is currently about 600 people and meets at 1.30pm every Sunday.

It is lead by a five member Executive Committee, and runs Sunday School, financially supports a missionary in Burma and is actively involved in community activities.

Pastor Japheth Lian (Chin Fellowship)

Having suffered severely for their faith in the west of Burma (Chinland), many from Japheth's tribe have escaped seeking freedom and peace in countries of asylum, such as Australia.  Thousands found their way to India and Malaysia and some of these have been resettled in third world countries. 

Japheth was ordained as a Baptist minister in 2008 by the BUV. He is married to Irene and they have two sons - Mark & Francis and a daughter Susanna. He appreciates the prayer support from Christian friends for his family.

The Victorian Chin Baptist Church services are held each Sunday at 1.30pm at MBC.


Worshipful Work (Romans 12:1)
* a meeting can be life giving, creating a sense of community and care for each member
* each person has ideas and talents to offer in the church meeting and this is spiritual work
* members are on a journey in seeking God’s will for the church and acting on what they discern
* the meeting and each member acts out of the knowledge that they are only there because of the ‘mercies of God’
* the word sacrifice brings to mind the saving death of Christ which is remembered at the communion table
* the word ‘body’ suggests the identity of the church – history, relationships, values, goals, activities, the attributes and characters of the members
* The church meeting can be understood as a gift, which is acceptable to God. Therefore the worshipful work of the church meeting is to be marked by reconciliation, justice, compassion, and peace

On a typical Sunday:
* we are called to order and service
* we offer our praise and thanksgiving
* Bible responsive reading
* Announcement
* Bible recitation (from children)
* We collect our offering
* Worship and music ministry
* We hear the good news
* Doxology
* Benediction (closing prayer)

There are refreshments offered after the service. All are invited to attend.

For further details call the Victorian Chin Baptist Church office 8711 3283 or email: info@vcbcm.org