Local History

Mooroolbark History

The history of both Lilydale and Croydon has been well documented and makes fascinating reading for those interested in the early days of these towns. But lying between the two is an area largely neglected by historians...

billscales_500_1.jpg2The following is an attempt to piece together the gradual development of a town that grew around an isolated railway station to become the largest township in the Shire and, for a time, Melbourne's fastest growing residential suburb.

Chapter 1 - Let's Go Back to 1837

Chapter 2 - "Mooroolbeek"

Chapter 3 - Pioneering Life

Chapter 4 - A New Era - The Building of the Railway Line

Chapter 5 - Subdivisions (1920's and on) and New Estates

Chapter 6 - The Life of a Converted Ballroom

Chapter 7 - Schools to Accommodate a Growing Suburb

Chapter 8 - At first there was Just the Post Office


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Used by Permission, 2004

Special thanks to Lilydale Historic Society and Croydon Historic Society for their interest and help in this research.

Photographs are courtesy of Lilydale Historic Society.

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