Local History

The earliest record of a Baptist church meeting in Mooroolbark can be found in “The Southern Baptist” 1st January 1898, where it states that Mr HH Jeffs, the pastor of Lilydale Baptist Church, had opened a new outpost at Mooroolbark which “promises to be a great success.

Post-war conditions made building permits very difficult to obtain as building materials were in short supply, and in fact only materials for new houses were available.

Finally on Sunday, March 30th, 1952, the “new” church building was opened.  The service was presided over by Rev Manning and Mr Montgomery, both from the Victorian Baptist Home Mission Society, and the preacher was Rev JE Newnham.

The annual harvest thanksgiving services became an anticipated event. The church was decorated with “scarlet vine” and flowers, and congregation members would bring their garden produce.

Time to Build (# 1!)With 38 children attending Sunday School in 1953, increased accommodation was needed in the kindergarten department. Rev. W. Stelling succeeded to the pastorate in September 1954.

On Sunday 20th March 1966 the church celebrated its 12th Anniversary, and opened a new Nursery building. In 1972 it became necessary to further extend the property and a new church sanctuary was built, opening with Rev Jim Finch as pastor.

Reaching Out It was during Rev Malins' first year at MBC that a young couple with their first three children moved to Mooroolbark from England.

From 1954 to 1960 Rev. Will Stelling (who was shared with Lilydale) was the minister at Mooroolbark.  Remembered for his outstanding teaching and wisdom, he was greatly appreciated by the small congregation.

Mooroolbark Baptist today enjoys a variety of instruments, including a newly acquired grand piano. It seems that an earlier piano in the church received quite a shake-up during the shift from Manchester Road to Hull Road in 1960.

History & future of Mooroolbark Baptist Church

MBC is a church with a history, but also a church with a destiny... a sense of calling from God as to His purpose & direction for our lives together.

See how far we've come!

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

Chapter 2 - Farming Shed serves a New Purpose

Chapter 3 - The First Years

Chapter 4 - Harvest Thanksgiving

Chapter 5 - Time to Build and Time to Move

Chapter 6 - A Growing Church

Chapter 7 - Reaching Out

Chapter 8 - Ministers at MBC

Chapter 9 - Music at MBC Over the Years

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